Renting/ Leasing

Washington DC Condos

There are no rental listings displayed on this website. The DC Condo Boutique Team does not offer rental services or handle rental transactions. 

Companies in the District offering rental services include:

  • Bernstein Management - (202) 363-6301
  • Chatel Real Estate - (202) 483-0140
  • Nest DC - (202) 540-8038
  • WC Smith - (202) 371-1220

Craigslist Rental Scams

There is an ongoing problem with scammers operating in the DC market trying to steal rental deposits.  These scammers offer a "too good to be true" rental rate, but require prospective tenants to mail the deposit out-of-state or the country.  The District of Columbia maintains a database of all real property owners that can prove useful in verifying ownership of a condo unit.