You Can Call it Van Ness or Forest Hills

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Whether you call it Van Ness or Forest Hills, the area is a desirable destination in the DC area. Found in the northwest quadrant, the residential neighborhood gains one of its namesakes from its close proximity to the Van Ness campus of UDC and from the nearby Van Ness Metro station.

This suburban neighborhood is also home, however, to large sprawling homes and apartment complexes, with some dating back to the early 1920s and others of new construction. While large co-ops, condos and rental buildings stand in the area, so do some newer, luxury apartments.

With that comes a range of home prices, with some even topping the multi-million dollar range, displaying architecture of varying styles and decades. You’ll also find several rentals in the area, with prices dependent on the building and location.

Recently, community leaders have also focused on the community itself, not only attracting new businesses to the area but keeping the needs of the community in check. Along with that, future development of Van Ness/Forest Hills is not just about making another new and hip commercial area for residents and visitors to enjoy, but designing a more vibrant area that the existing community will celebrate for years to come.

There are already popular bakeries, wine stores and markets to shop at, along with new restaurants to enjoy. Soapstone Market, in particular, provides a sort of a community gathering space along with serving as an upscale grocer to the community.

You’ll also find the campus of the Howard University School of Law and the Hillwood Museum, with its collection of Faberge eggs once belonging to Marjorie Merriweather Post. In addition, several embassies are located here.

With easy Metro access, the Forest Hills/Van Ness community is also conveniently close by car to Downtown Washington, Capitol Hill and Downtown Bethesda, making it a desirable location for homebuyers and renters, no matter whether you call it Van Ness or Forest Hills.

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