Webster House Condos Combine Comfort and Historical Intrigue with Watergate Connection

If you’ve ever wanted to own a piece of US political history, it’s entirely possible at Webster House. This Dupont Circle condo building is not only a great place to call home, but it also has a place in the history books.

This is where journalist Bob Woodward lived during Watergate. It’s said Woodward signaled his informant he was ready to talk by placing a flag in the flowerpot on the balcony of his residence at Webster House.

When the person known as “Deep Throat” was ready to talk, he would send newspapers with coded instructions for Woodward to the building’s lobby. While decades have since passed, it’s still possible to experience some of the building’s nostalgia even today.

The exact unit Woodward once lived in at Webster House was recently put on the market. While not every unit at Webster House has its own balcony, the one Woodward lived in and utilized as part of Watergate, did.

A mix of the old and the new, the sixth-floor unit now includes some newer updates, such as fresh paint, refinished cabinetry, new marble countertops, and new appliances. This unit is a one-bedroom/one-bath with around 450-square feet of living space.

A slightly smaller studio unit in the building was also recently listed on the market. Both are priced under $400,000.

While originally constructed in the late 1960s, buyers at Webster House today can expect to find such upgrades as hardwood flooring and stainless-steel appliances. In terms of amenities, the pet-friendly condo building offers its residents access to an outdoor swimming pool on the rooftop, a library, and some extra storage space.

Condo fees in the elevator building fund certain utilities and maintenance needs. Webster House sits close to the Dupont Circle Metro station and not far from neighborhood conveniences, such as a nearby grocery store.

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