The Mystique of Burleith

Virtually secluded from some of its better known neighbors, it’s the mystique of Burleith that some find so appealing. While close to Georgetown and Glover Park, and just a short stroll away from the shops and restaurants of Wisconsin Avenue, the quiet residential community of Burleith offers its own distinct vibe.

Named for an estate built in the early 1700s, a majority of homes in Burleith began going up in the 1920s. At the time, the homes were deemed to be an affordable option for buyers in the area.

Now nearly a century later, the community remains one of DC’s best kept secrets. It seems some people living in DC haven’t even heard of Burleith, which for local residents is seen as part of its appeal.

While the homes of Burleith have increased in price considerably since they were first built, you’ll also now find a mix of residents living in the community. Families, retirees, students and professionals all live in Burleith.

With more than 500 homes to choose from in this Northwest Washington community, buyers can opt for a rowhouse with views of the Potomac River and the Washington Monument, or a single-family Colonial with just the right amount of space. Still, a majority of homes in Burleith even today seem to be more modest in design than some others in the DC area.

That doesn’t mean the homes haven’t seen some updates over the years and decades since the neighborhood first began. Some of the homes of Burleith have been renovated to create more space and bring in more modern features and finishes to the nearly century-old homes of this community.

Burleith also includes plenty of nearby green space. In addition, Burleith is home to the Duke Ellington High School of the Arts, plus residents are within walking distance of the restaurants of Georgetown. Burleith is served by the Metrobus and offers easy access to major roadways, making for an easier commute.

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