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The DC Metro System is now the second busiest subway system in the nation behind NYC with over 700,00 rides every weekday.  The popularity of DC's Metro has created a significant demand for housing within walking distance of Metro Stations.  With a plethora of Metro Stations, car sharing services like Zip Car and Car2Go and Capitol Bikeshare, many District residents have made the decision to forgo car ownership.

A big challenge for many Washingtonians is finding homes and condos close to Metro Stations.  Some Realtors definition of "close to the Metro" as described in a property listing does not jive with the realities of making the walk carrying a bag of groceries on a cold winter night.  

To assist in locating condo and home listings near Metro Stations,

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The Metropolitan DC region was recently ranked first in the nation for walkable urban places.  The region now has 43 distinct walkable neighborhoods scattered across Maryland, Virginia and the District.  These walkable districts are attracting significant capital and are viewed as the best places to invest and build by many developers.

DC is at the forefront of this walkable urbanism phenomena, as our market has continued to attract investment capital during the housing downturn.  There are now pockets of new development in the vicinity of almost every Metro Station in the system throughout the region.  In the District, a wave of new development is underway in a long list of neighborhoods across the city.

Over the last decade, we have seen

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The DC Metropolitan area was recently ranked as having the 6th worst traffic in the country in a study conducted by weather.com.  The Beltway was cited as a major source of congestion and DC drivers spend an average of 45 hours idling in traffic every year.  The worst traffic time of the week is on Thursdays from 5:45 to 6:00 pm.

If you are one of those fighting rush hour traffic from your home in the suburbs to work downtown, maybe its time to look at moving into the District.  The housing stock of the District has evolved significantly in the past decade and it is now possible to replicate many of the favorable attributes of a suburban home in the city.  Gone are the low ceilings, galley kitchen, laminate floors, formica cabinets and nonexistent

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Slice the commute with an inbound move

The following video about the growing challenges associated with commuting into the District from the suburbs should hit home with many of our regions empty nesters.

Is it time to get back a couple hours a day spent commuting by selling the suburban home and moving into the city?  This inbound migration is a very popular lifestyle change and the overwhelming majority of our clients who have taken this plunge never look back.  Many find the biggest hurdle to move like this is psychological....what to do with all the stuff that fills the suburban 4 BR house.

Significant new construction in the last decade has changed the face of the DC stock of DC condos.  Moving back to the District doesn't mean that you will be

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Interesting report in the minnpost.com detailing a housing experts predictions for shifts in American housingdc_beltway_traffic_250 demographics away from suburban sprawl to urban central cites and suburban town centers.  This lifestyle shift was discussed in a presentation delivered to the Urban Land Institute of Minnesota by housing researcher John Mcllwain.

For many years, the Washington DC area has been at the forefront of this suburban to urban shift described by Mcllwaine. The development around both Metro stations and town centers throughout the entire region is staggering.

Here in the District, even 25 years ago who could have predicted a renewed 14th Street Corridor....how about a revitalized Columbia Heights or luxury high-rises in the Capital Riverfront? 

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Walking is the essence of the DC urban lifestyle.  It doesn't matter if you are a K Street attorney with a pair of cordovan Allen-Edmonds oxfords or a lobbyist adorned in a pair of Jimmy Choo pumps and a secret pair of New Balance running shoes stashed away for the daily commute.........walking around the District is part of your daily routine.

Walk Score is a company that has graded properties and neighborhoods across the country for their walkability.  Washington, DC comes in very high at #7 on the national ranking of major cities only trailing the likes of San Francisco, New York, Boston and Chicago.  Walk Score uses a 100 point grading system and some of the District's neighborhoods have extremely high walkability rankings:

  1. Dupont Circle 99
  2. Logan
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