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City planners in DC have advanced a plan to restrict expansion of housing, specifically to pop-ups.  In everyday parlance, pop-ups mean adding an extra floor or two to a row house, or converting it to condos.  The DC Zoning Commission, which appears divided on the issue, is studying the plan.  The plan is in response to resident complaints about pop-ups, row houses that are renovated upwards with upward expansions.  

Neighbors of pop-ups worry that their own property values are depreciating because they see pop-ups as ugly and not compatible with the character of the block.  Some neighbors fear the loss of views, sun, parking or serenity as they see it.  The other side, primarily developers, argues for a better design review process to ensure a unified

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The flipping of homes is booming in the DC area, according to a report by RealtyTrac.  While flipping homes once may have had a somewhat negative impression by the public, it is now being welcomed by many DC residents with open arms.  Flipping homes---the process where a house is bought, renovated and resold within several months---is now breathing new life into many parts of the city including neighborhoods of traditional DC row houses.  The makeovers are beautifying individual homes, which then collectively improve communities throughout the region.  The impact is a positive one on many neighborhoods.

Single-family homes in the DC metro area which were resold within 6 months after their purchase from January to June 2013 ranked 4th in the nation for

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