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arlington real estate market is healthy

Graphic: SmartAsset

The news is positive for Arlington homeowners, as the location just picked up top honors when it comes to its healthy housing market. According to SmartAsset, a financial research firm, Arlington is at the top of the list for Virginia and also ranks high when comparing it to some of the nation’s other large housing markets.

The study credits this to a good supply of homes in the area. SmartAsset takes into account several criteria when predicting whether homeowners in certain areas are at a low risk of losing money when its time to sell their home.

The factors include risk of loss, fluidity, affordability and stability. With Arlington in particular, the area ranks high when looking at housing demand. While nationwide homes

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barcroft elementary school - arlington

Great schools are the cornerstone of any great community, and Arlington schools certainly hit the mark. Not only do Arlington Public Schools rank at the very top for the state, but they also rank high when it comes to the rest of the nation.

The ranking comes from Niche.com, a website aimed at ranking and reviewing the best schools and neighborhoods across the US. Niche gives Arlington Public Schools an overall A+ grade, making it the highest rated public school district in the entire State of Virginia.

This takes into account categories such as academics, teachers, clubs and activities, college prep, plus health and safety. It’s noted that the Arlington Public School District serves more than 25,000 students across 39 schools, with an average

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arlington va top city for millenialsGraphic: Niche.com

Celebrated for its diversity, its schools and its nightlife, Arlington is definitely an appealing choice for new residents, most specifically millennials. In fact, Niche.com recently gave Arlington one of the top spots when it comes to Best Cities for Millennials.

According to the website, Arlington easily takes the number three spot, behind Cambridge, Massachusetts and San Francisco. It’s noted that Arlington receives an overall grade of an A+, when taking all categories into consideration.

The majority of Arlington neighborhoods also received at least an A grade, with such notable mentions as Waycroft/Woodlawn, Chain Bridge Forest and Albermarle Glebe. Dozens of area neighborhoods ranked high, though, often noted for their

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the millionaire!

The DC area is full of beautiful homes and properties, but it turns out DC is also tops when it comes to living next to a millionaire. Personal finance and business forecast publisher Kiplinger recently revealed the places with the most millionaires, and DC certainly makes the cut.

The study by Phoenix Marking International took into account hundreds of urban areas across the nation, then noted where those with at least $1 million in investable assets live, pinpointing the top 10 areas. Each particular area had to have at least 50,000 residents and be home to the highest concentration of millionaires per population.

The analysis found just under nine-percent of the Washington DC population consists of millionaire households. In fact, all of the

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arlington is healthiest 2018

Arlington just picked up another top award, this one connected to being named America’s fittest city for 2018. The designation comes from the American College of Sports Medicine and its annual American Fitness Index.

For 2018, the index puts Arlington in the top spot, slightly outranking repeat winner Minneapolis and outranking Washington DC. Arlington gets tops marks for its high physical activity among local residents and for its easy access to local parks. As well, Arlington also gets credit for its percentage of locals that bike or walk to work.

Other high marks for the area include Arlington’s overall low smoking rate, the overall health of local residents and for other healthy behaviors. Arlington also received relatively good scores for

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sotheby's auction house

The luxury condo market in DC is strong right now, and some credit that to an influx of international buyers. Real estate experts say they’ve seen a number of foreign buyers interested in the DC area as of late, especially in some of the higher end developments.

In fact, Washington DC most recently ranked as number four when it comes to foreign investment in US cities, behind only New York, Los Angeles and Seattle. Over the last year alone, foreign investors are said to have invested billions locally. Prime examples of this include the foreign partnership that purchased a DC area office building last year for roughly $1,200 per square foot, setting a new record for the area.

Also last year, a foreign investor was reportedly involved in the

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falls church healthiest in nation

Well known for its great schools, great health care and great location, Falls Church just added another high-ranking item to its list. According to a U.S. News & World Report survey, Falls Church is also the nation’s healthiest community.

The survey looked at around 3,000 U.S. communities, ranking them all in terms of 10 main categories. Researchers used categories ranging from the environment and housing to infrastructure plus food and nutrition to come up with a score for each community. They also looked at any possible racial disparities.

The ranking shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Researchers note that Falls Church has an impressive school system, a low crime rate and a low poverty rate, all things that have attracted many residents to

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arlington top city for sucessful women

No doubt there are smart, successful women in every city and town across the nation, but in measuring success, at least one study found that women living and working in Arlington do especially well. At least that’s according to analysis performed by researchers attached to the website SmartAsset.

Researchers started out by looking at six particular factors. These included the unemployment rate of women in the area, the percentage of women with high incomes in the area, in this case at least $75,000, and the average housing cost when taken as a percentage of a woman’s income for full-time employment.

The other categories looked at included the percentage of women-owned businesses in the city, the median earning of a woman who works full-time and

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georgetown - washington dc

The DC area is ranked at the top of many lists, but one of the latest is directly tied to the economy. Washington DC just took the number one spot when it comes to its local economy, at least according to a recent ranking by Business Insider.

The business website looked at all 50 states plus Washington DC, then ranked them in terms of general economic and labor-market health. They based the ranking on things such as wage growth, average weekly wages, GDP growth, job growth, per-capita GDP and the rate of unemployment.

After taking all categories into consideration, Business Insider then came up with an overall economic score for each location. Credited in part to being an urban area, which traditionally translates to higher wages and an increase

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best cities for runners 2018

With miles upon miles of paved and unpaved trails to choose from, Arlington maintains a strong reputation as one of the top cities in the nation for runners. It’s not just the trails, however, that provide high marks for Arlington.

According to SmartAsset, the personal finance-based website behind the rankings, the high marks also have to do with how many races the city hosts, the number of gyms, plus things like walkability and safety. In addition the study ranked factors such as how may residents have easy access to area parks and the amount of overall parkland contained in each city.

In Arlington, the numbers translate to about 98-percent of residents having access to area parks, a high number of gyms and the most races per population of any

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