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The article quoted below about the five traits of today's homesbuyers is very interesting and yet not neccesarily aligned with the homebuyer traits here in the District. 

A survey by American Lives, a consumer research firm in California, conducted a study for the trade magazine Builder to answer that question. Here are their conclusions:

  • They are young. Most are under 45. Half said they had annual household incomes of $75,000 or less. Two-thirds are married.  >>>Most of our DC buyers fit the age profile highlighted in the article with the overwhelming majority in the under 45 age grouping.  The incomes are higher in the District and the percentage that are married is significantly lower.
  • They are frugal. They consistently told surveyors they were
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CNNMoney reports that the DC metro area ranks first in the nation for the percentage of residents with a college degree.  A whopping 47.3% of our residents, aged 25 or older hold college degrees.  Nationally, the average percentage of residents with a college degree is 25%. 

The DC area has topped the national charts several times this past year including leading the nation for inbound migration, #2 city for young people and #2 city for working moms.

Our smart residents looking to make a real estate investment can take advantage of the ongoing DC first time buyer tax credit as well the opportunities available for 3.5% down payments in our FHA approved condo developments.

Really smart DC residents surf over to DC Condo Boutique to look for a new

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working momPhoto: GSCSNJ

ForbesWoman recently ranked Washington, DC second nationally for working moms.  The criteria utilized by ForbesWomen to rank cities included crime rates, schools, healthcare, wages and cost of living.

Strong positives for DC included the lowest unemployment rate and highest wages of all the major cities in the survey.  Working moms are finding strong employment opportunities in the government, financial services and higher education sectors.  ForbesWomen also cited significant improvements in the DC School system as another positive factor.   A challenge for the DC market is the cost of living, ranking second highest nationally.

Finding a condo or home in the District can be quite a challenge, a working mom member of the DC Condo

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Slice the commute with an inbound move

The following video about the growing challenges associated with commuting into the District from the suburbs should hit home with many of our regions empty nesters.

Is it time to get back a couple hours a day spent commuting by selling the suburban home and moving into the city?  This inbound migration is a very popular lifestyle change and the overwhelming majority of our clients who have taken this plunge never look back.  Many find the biggest hurdle to move like this is psychological....what to do with all the stuff that fills the suburban 4 BR house.

Significant new construction in the last decade has changed the face of the DC stock of DC condos.  Moving back to the District doesn't mean that you will be

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Interesting report in the minnpost.com detailing a housing experts predictions for shifts in American housingdc_beltway_traffic_250 demographics away from suburban sprawl to urban central cites and suburban town centers.  This lifestyle shift was discussed in a presentation delivered to the Urban Land Institute of Minnesota by housing researcher John Mcllwain.

For many years, the Washington DC area has been at the forefront of this suburban to urban shift described by Mcllwaine. The development around both Metro stations and town centers throughout the entire region is staggering.

Here in the District, even 25 years ago who could have predicted a renewed 14th Street Corridor....how about a revitalized Columbia Heights or luxury high-rises in the Capital Riverfront? 

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CNN reports on a study done by portfolio.com which ranks Washington, DC as the 2nd best city for a young person to settle in and start their career.   The study utilized 10 different criteria to rank the 67 largest metropolitan markets.  DC only trailed Austin with Raleigh, Boston and Houston rounding out the top five.


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Washington, DC led the nation for the 4th consectutive year for inbound migrations according to a study released by Atlas Van Lines. In 2009, 71% of Atlas moves touching the District involved a move into the city. 

The job market here in Washington remains steady and certainly more diverse than other parts of the country.  The good news from Atlas reinforces the sentiments of our team, who continues to field many inquiries from those looking to relocate to the District from all over the country.

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