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first night fireworks - alexandria vaPhoto: Geoff Livingston

Full of boutique stores, restaurants and historic appeal, Alexandria is a popular place to live and visit, but it seems Alexandria is also underrated. At least that’s what analysts with the commercial real estate blog CommercialCafe have to say.

The blog recently came out with what it considers “The Top 20 Most Underrated Cities in the Country”, and Alexandria is at the very top of the list. From a millennial’s perspective, the website sought out underrated cities that are a bit smaller, but also offer a great quality of life.

Analysts only looked at cities with between 100,000 and 250,000 residents. They then factored in things like home prices, local entertainment and earning potential. They also considered the crime

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reston town center - reston va

While the on-going pandemic has caused many people to change their work habits over the past year, others have completely embraced a work-from-home lifestyle. Just a few months ago, more than one-third of working adults said they were currently remote working or simply that they lived with someone who works from home.

While some workers are starting to head back to the office, other companies are actually changing their policies to allow more people to do remote work on a permanent basis. Money.com looked at nearly 2,000 towns and cities all across the nation to determine what it considers the best places to live for those who work from home.

When all categories were taken into consideration, Reston came in at the very top of the list. Analysts

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woman with laptop
Photo: Nenad Stojkovic

If you’re looking for a great place to call home, DC and Alexandria not only fit the bill, but they may also help put you on the path to success. According to a new study, both locations are highly successful places for women.

The study comes from SmartAsset.com. The website looked at 200 of the largest cities in the nation, then ranked them to find out “Where Women Are Most Successful”.

SmartAsset looked at a variety of different things, including median earnings for full-time working women and the percentage of women in a city who hold a bachelor’s degree. Analysts also considered housing costs as a percentage of a woman’s earnings and the percentage of women business owners in each city.

Another thing they looked at

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falls church - most livable suburbGraphic: Renofi.com

If you’re ready to make a move to the suburbs, you’ll probably want to put Falls Church at the top of your list. It was just named one of “America’s Most Livable Suburbs” by RenoFi.com.

The home renovation loan provider looked at more than 600 suburban areas all across the nation to come up with the list. When everything was tallied, Falls Church came in at number two.

RenoFi looked at eight different factors in deciding the top suburban areas, including median house price, median house price growth, median household income growth and median household income. Analysts also considered the crime rate, unemployment rate and average property tax rate.

Finally, they factored in the patient to primary care physician ratio. That

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sculpture - arlington va

They’re right across the Potomac River from each other, but DC and Arlington each have their own unique qualities. The location you choose probably has a lot to do with your lifestyle needs.


If you want to be close to available nightlife and everything else going on in the city, DC is the place to be. The city boasts thousands of restaurants, plus it’s also home to the National Mall and the Kennedy Center.

The area also boasts some of the nation’s top universities, like George Washington University, Howard and Georgetown. It’s elementary and high schools typically rank lower than those in nearby Arlington.

In terms of walkability, DC is ahead of Arlington, although it sometimes depends on which Arlington neighborhood you choose.

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dating in arlingtonPhoto: Elliot Margolies

Arlington may not be the most inexpensive place to live in the nation, but it seems it is extremely budget-friendly when it comes to dating. According to a new study, Arlington is second on the list of the “Best Cities for Budget-Friendly Dating” in 2021.

The ranking comes from the personal finance website SmartAsset.com. In coming up with the list, analysts looked at a variety of metrics, including date affordability. More specifically they considered things like the cost of a bottle of wine, takeout and even the cost of two cappuccinos.

They also looked at date access. For this, analysts considered restaurant, snack shop and coffee shop density. They also considered the percentage of parkland and the percentage of

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DC Luxury Home

There’s no doubt real estate in DC can be pricey, but the region as a whole just hit a brand-new record. The median sales price for a single-family home in DC this past October surpassed $1 million for the very first time.

According to a report from listing service Bright MLS, that’s a gain of more than $200,000 year-over-year. Prices rose about 24-percent in a 12-month period to reach a median sales price of $1.1 million in October 2020.

It was even higher than that in some areas. In the Palisades neighborhood, the median sales price of detached single-family homes in October 2020 topped $2 million. That’s a more than 69-percent increase over October of last year.

In Chevy Chase and Friendship Heights, the median sales price for all homes in

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old town - alexandria vaPhoto: Kevin Harber

The votes are in, and once again Alexandria is one of the top cities in the nation. Alexandria just snagged a spot as one of the nation’s top 5 small cities, according to Conde Nast readers.

It’s the third consecutive year for Alexandria to earn a top spot in the Conde Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards. Last year the city ranked in third place.

The year before it took fourth place. In all, more than 700,000 Conde Nast Traveler readers contributed to the 2020 ranking based on their own travel experiences.

Conde Nast describes Alexandria as charming and historic, with a location situated just across the river from the capital. It makes mention of the red brick sidewalks of Old Town, and the impressively preserved, 18th and

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falls church vaPhoto: Kerry

Widely considered a great place to live, it seems Falls Church can add another top honor. According to US News & World Report, Falls Church is one of the nation’s healthiest communities.

US News took a look at thousands of locations across the country, then ranked them in terms of things like air and water quality, access to health care, housing, public safety and more. When all categories were taken into consideration, Falls Church ranked third in the nation.

That’s the same ranking it received last year. For 2020, the city earned an admirable 98 for its overall population health score.

The life expectancy in Falls Church is a few years higher than the national median life expectancy, and the smoking rate is lower. The city also

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2020 top cities for runners

Graphic: SmartAsset

As the pandemic stretches on, more and more people are looking for a way to exercise. For some, that means lacing up their running shoes.

In particular, the financial company SmartAsset found cities in the Midwest seem to be especially popular with runners. While Minneapolis and Omaha took the website’s top two spots for 2020, Arlington followed close behind.

For several reasons, SmartAsset, put Arlington close to the top of its list when it comes to “Best Cities for Runners- 2020”. This is the fourth year in a row that SmartAsset has come out with its annual list. For the past two years Arlington has hung onto first place.

While third place is hardly something to feel bad about, some of the other cities on the list

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