Stretching DC Neighborhood Borders

It only takes a couple of minutes of searching in the Washington DC MLS database to find a multitude of meandering neighborhood borders.  When did the West End become Georgetown?......when did Capitol Hill extend to Nationals Park......did the national army of Kalorama invade Adams Morgan and claim Columbia Road as their own?

Was there a city-wide Realtor training session that I missed on how to juice up the price of a listing by stretching the borders of a neighborhood?  I surely don't understand the logic behind advertising a property in a neighboring community.  Aren't DC buyers just smarter than that?  Armed with tools like Google Maps and GPS units can't most buyers see through this strategy?  Also, with so much searching starting on the web, mis-labled listings will not be found by buyers searching in the correct neighborhood.

When building all the neighborhood pages for the DC Condo Boutique website, I consulted Wikipedia for the boundaries of each community.  Most neighborhoods in the District have really awesome pages on Wikipedia which include a significant amount of relevant information including the community borders. I really like the fact that Wikipedia is truly a community effort and reflects the wisdom of many in the neighborhood.

What is neighborhood border stretches have you seen?

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