Reston Ranks as Best Place to Work From Home

While the on-going pandemic has caused many people to change their work habits over the past year, others have completely embraced a work-from-home lifestyle. Just a few months ago, more than one-third of working adults said they were currently remote working or simply that they lived with someone who works from home.

While some workers are starting to head back to the office, other companies are actually changing their policies to allow more people to do remote work on a permanent basis. looked at nearly 2,000 towns and cities all across the nation to determine what it considers the best places to live for those who work from home.

When all categories were taken into consideration, Reston came in at the very top of the list. Analysts considered things like safety, the cost of living and the quality of education in each location.

They also looked at what makes a good at-home setup. This meant things like easy access to daycares, pharmacies and, of course, a good internet connection.

A strong internet connection is vitally important for many jobs, especially if you need to be able to stream and conduct video conferencing. They also broke it down to places with enough space to accommodate at-home working.

The website then considered the share of people that actually worked at home before the pandemic began. As for Reston, more than six-percent of workers were already conducting business from home pre-pandemic.

That’s compared to about four-percent nationally. also found that nearly all households in Reston already have an adequate internet connection.

The website points out that the planned residential community of Reston offers four lakes, two golf courses and miles of pedestrian paths and trails connecting up its neighborhoods.

Reston has a main town center, as well as five village centers. It was originally created as a place people could work, live and play without the need for a car.

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