Mount Pleasant: Small Town City Living

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With a small town atmosphere, Mount Pleasant is easily one of the most charming and desirable neighborhoods in the DC area. It’s entirely possible to get lost in the unique vibe, with all the comforts of a city lifestyle yet the feel of living in a smaller and more charming place.

Situated between Columbia Heights and Adams Morgan, this quieter neighborhood is actually one of the area’s very first streetcar suburbs. While it’s only a short walk from the Metro, it sometimes feels worlds away from the rest of the DC metro area.

Named to reflect its heritage, Mount Pleasant is actually a reference to the land where it now sits. The site once belonged to the old Pleasant Plains estate, and appropriately sits on the highest portion of the former farmland.

Now more than a century and a half later, Mount Pleasant is no longer farmland but rather gives a home to around 10,000 residents, quirky stores and hip dining spots. You’ll find bakeries here and international flair, from Asian food to a vibrant farmer’s market.

You’ll also find an urban yoga studio, a traditional dive bar and a converted Victorian home that’s now a favorite local dining spot. In fact, many of the shops and businesses in Mount Pleasant are locally owned.

The neighborhood is also filled with antique shops, live music and access to Capital Bikeshare for exploring nearby Rock Creek Park on two wheels. In fact, many people who live here get around the area on foot or on bike.

You’ll still find several historic buildings in Mount Pleasant too, now including apartments and rowhouses. Over the years the neighborhood’s also attracted a diverse population of new residents. You might say that Mount Pleasant has almost a little of everything, all packed up in a quaint, small town setting.

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