Logan’s 14th Street Corridor Has Arrived

The one mile stretch of 14th Street from Thomas Circle to Florida Avenue has scored thousands of new residents wishing to live downtown near the action of DC’s thriving stable job market and equally vibrant nightlife.  DC is the nation’s top destination for the young, highly educated and affluent drawn to the top jobs here and good quality of life.

Decades ago, this stretch on 14th Street saw riots plagued by the 1960’s civil rights unrest; but now, this corridor has gone into “gentrification overdrive,” an expression coined by DC real estate watchers.  This population and economic boom is energized by investors who want to call 14th Street home to their shops and businesses, as well as the arrival of scores of new residents who want to live downtown in upscale condos and lofts in this trendy section of DC.

Logan Circle’s 14th Street corridor has seen the arrival of more than 1,200 boutique condos and luxury apartments, and 100,000 square feet of high-end retail stores, including a Whole Foods Market.  A rising number of wine bars and chic sit-down restaurants, at least 25 are under construction or have opened, making this area one of DC’s dining meccas. 

Housing options in the 14th Street Corridor include the industrial loft developments along the 1400 block of Church Street as well as other upscale newer condo projects in the Logan Circle neighborhood.

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