Family-friendly Hillcrest Offers Rolling Hills and More

Rolling hills and red brick houses are part of the appeal of living in Hillcrest, but this family-friendly neighborhood offers much, much more. This generally quiet, residential neighborhood sits in Southeast DC, to the east of the Anacostia River.

The neighborhood is often noted for its well-kept yards and properties. Neighbors are also commonly known to get together for cookouts and block parties

Still, it doesn’t have quite as high of a price point as some others, which is why it’s sometimes considered part of DC’s “Silver Coast”. Even so, the renowned Overlook Inn in Hillcrest was once known to attract Washington’s power elite.

Flashforward to more recent years, and the DC neighborhood has served as home to several former political leaders, including a couple of mayors. Most of the homes in Hillcrest tend to be brick Colonials, although you may sometimes find a Craftsman-style home or bungalow up for sale. 

The advantage, of course, is the size of the homes and their lots. Many of the single-family homes contain up to five-bedrooms. Most homes are owned, but you may occasionally find a rental on the market, as well.

Hillcrest is one of the higher points in the DC area, which means the opportunity for views of the Capitol and even sometimes the Washington Monument. With homes similar to those found in Cleveland Park, Hillcrest was actually founded by the same real estate developer behind several of DC’s Southeast neighborhoods.

Most people in the neighborhood of Hillcrest do own cars, however there is a Metro stop in Hillcrest, and you will find some buses. Shops and restaurants are nearby, plus there’s also a local rec center that’s right in the neighborhood. As well, there’s a weekly farmer’s market, and you’ll find several strip malls right outside the neighborhood for everyday conveniences.

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