Explore the Timeless Charm of DC’s Victorian-Style Homes

Victorian-style homes are truly timeless, and thankfully also prevalent in many neighborhoods in the DC area. Some of them are detached single-family homes, while others are row houses, and still others are old buildings that have since been turned into condos.

While Federal-style homes in DC are notably less adorned, Victorian-style homes often come with a lot of detailing. The grand style originated in England, and as the name implies, during the time of Queen Victoria’s reign. This type of housing style is still considered romantic and extremely detailed today. 

You may find some lavish ornamentation and decorative woodwork outside, plus on the inside, fireplaces, high ceilings, and plasterwork. In effect, Victorian homes are actually several different housing styles that have blended together over the years, including Italianate, Gothic Revival, Queen Anne Revival and Romanesque Revival.

It’s said the Victorian style even influenced Craftsman-style homes and the Arts & Crafts style. Entire communities, such as Takoma on the northern side of the DC border and Maryland’s Takoma Park, have Victorian-style homes. It’s likely, however, that you’ll find a large selection of Victorian homes and properties in many DC neighborhoods, especially those such as LeDroit Park that have historic homes from this era.

In Alexandria, you’ll likely find some Victorians in Old Town, Del Ray and Rosemont. In Old Town especially, some of the oldest homes also come adorned with unique markings and plaques, such as fire marks, decorative pineapples, and door knockers, which further add to the intricate, architectural design of some of the oldest buildings and structures in the region.

In terms of Victorian-style housing, there are some examples in Arlington too, in such places as Lyon Village, Lyon Park, and Maywood. You could also try some Maryland neighborhoods and parts of Fairfax County. Depending on where you search, you may find sprawling Victorian mansions, as well as some cozy cottages, row houses, and even old Victorian buildings that have since been converted into condos.

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