Enjoy the Energy of the Southwest Waterfront Neighborhood

Photo: Nick Amoscato

From some of DC’s oldest buildings to some of its modern delights, there’s a real sense of energy these days when it comes to the Southwest Waterfront neighborhood. Today, this ever-evolving neighborhood centers itself around a marina and District Wharf, which consists of local shops, restaurants, activities, and waterfront entertainment.

The Wharf also includes some new condos, hotels, and office space. While Phase I of the Wharf brought in some residential options and hotels, Phase 2 brought in more than a million square feet of additional mixed-use space, including more shops and restaurants, and a new, luxury condo building. 

It’s said the massive project significantly changed the Southwest Waterfront, turning an area once mostly known as the site of the old fish market into a vibrant, thriving neighborhood. By connecting the old Municipal Fish Market to Ft McNair, the walkable, Southwest Waterfront neighborhood is getting a lot of attention.

There’s now an Arena Stage to enjoy live music and theater, or you have the opportunity to get out on the water for a cruise or some watersports. You can enjoy the best of both worlds too, as you dine at one of waterfront restaurants that line the Wharf. 

There’s also the opportunity to indulge in the arts at a former 19th century church turned arts center or explore some gothic architecture that dates back to the late 1800s. The area is not far from the fun of Nationals Park and Audi Field, either. 

As for housing, options in the Southwest Waterfront range from affordable townhomes and condos to new luxury condos and apartments overlooking the water. There’s even the option to actually live on the water, with the houseboat community of Gangplank Marina. Today, it’s one of the nation’s largest liveaboard communities, with dozens of its slips tied to full-time residents.

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