Discover the Bustling U Street Corridor

From delectable restaurants and lively nightlife to its eclectic mix of shopping, there’s always something to do, see and explore in the bustling U Street Corridor. This part of DC has a vibrancy all its own, with plenty of history and a cultural connection that truly makes the U Street Corridor its own unique destination.

For generations, the neighborhood has been known as the location of the civil rights movement, as well as home to the arts, jazz, and more. In modern times, its evolved into a vibrant, cultural location with an array of local artwork, food, music, and activism.

It’s the kind of neighborhood you’ll often see packed with people, especially on the weekends and in the evenings, but there’s plenty to attract people to the U Street Corridor at other times, too. In more recent years, the neighborhood has seen the addition of markets, grocery stores and even hardware stores, that lend convenience to the area.

It’s the entertainment options however, that the U Street Corridor is known for, and something that’s known to attract people to the area, whether they’re a long-time resident, they live in a nearby neighborhood, or they’re visiting as a tourist. In terms of those who decide to call the U Street Corridor home, there are several different options to choose from in terms of housing, from loft apartments to new condos and row homes.

If you’ve always dreamed of living in a location where nearly everything you want and need is right outside your door, you certainly can’t go wrong with the U Street Corridor. For those who need to make the commute into downtown, living in the U Street Corridor is simple enough, as the Metro and bus lines make it easy to get around the rest of the city from this part of DC.

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