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Sometimes called “the Village in the City”, there’s plenty to discover in Burleith, an upscale neighbor to popular Georgetown. This small, residential neighborhood may not have the swanky name, but many find it a fantastic alternative to some of its better-known, and even more expensive neighbors.

Bordered by Reservoir Road and Whitehaven Parkway, 35th Street to 39th Street, hundreds of homes first went up in Burleith between the early to late 1920s. The corner brick homes are still visible, connected via two-story row houses, with well-maintained front gardens, painted in a variety of distinguishing colors.

The remainder of the homes in Burleith, meanwhile, offer varying architectural designs, with some Tudors and other styles mostly ranging rom the high $600,000s to mid $800,000s, though some homes are priced above $1 million. The blend of residents within Burleith is just as diverse, from young professionals and families to Georgetown students and long-time residents.

While the homes are mostly around 1,200 square feet in size, smaller than many homes in the suburbs, they make up for it with the various nearby amenities and a relatively short commute. The active Burleith Citizens Association promotes a range of clubs and activities, while nearby schools such as the public Duke Ellington School of the Arts and Corcoran School of the Arts and Design, are well known and acclaimed throughout the area.

Meanwhile, the distinct location, tucked away between Glover Park and Georgetown, puts residents just a few steps away from popular Wisconsin Avenue and Glover Park, with numerous nearby grocery stores, restaurants and entertainment easily within reach of Burleith residents. While its not easy to find a home in the community, as turnover is rare, it is an exceptional community once you do, small and quiet yet close to everything you want and desire in the DC area.

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