DC Recognized as Top City for Singles in 2021

Posted by Mark Washburn on Monday, October 11th, 2021 at 9:57am.

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It may be a political hot spot, but it turns out DC is also a hot spot for singles. According to a recently released list, DC is tops when it comes to the nation’s best cities for singles across the nation.

The ranking comes from ApartmentList.com, in partnership with the online dating service, Bumble. The study ranks what the two consider the “Best Cities for Singles 2021”, putting DC at the very top of the list.

Analysts based their decision on a number of categories, including social satisfaction, dating satisfaction, the percentage of singles in the city and dating affordability. It certainly doesn’t hurt that singles make up nearly half of the entire population of DC.

While the numbers alone give DC an edge, the study also credits the city for getting high marks of its own in terms of dating and social opportunities.

While it’s not exactly one of the most affordable cities to buy a home, DC does gets high marks when it comes to dating affordability. With median earnings in DC topping $80,000, it makes the average price of $105 for a date night of dinner and a movie seem relatively affordable.

Analysts also point out the thousands of possibilities for singles in DC, from Nationals Park to the National Zoo. As for some of the most popular Bumble Profile Badges in DC, they range from pets to education to exercise.

According to researchers, sports-minded Bumble users in DC are interested mostly in soccer, football and basketball. In DC, singles can check out a game of the Washington Wizards or the Washington Nationals.

DC is just one of several East Coast cities to make the list for 2021. Boston came in at number two, Atlanta at number three and Pittsburgh at number five. Other high ranking cities included Minneapolis, Richmond, Austin, Denver, Chicago and Seattle.

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