DC Real Estate Search By Street

pennsylvania_ave_500Michigan Avenue in Chicago......Park Avenue in NY......Commonwealth Avenue in Boston......Peachtree Street in Atlanta,  most great cities have a grand street where residents dream of living.  Here in the District, Pennsylvania Avenue is our signature street.  While there is not an overwhelming number of residential developments on Pennsylvania Avenue, DC has so many other streets that are worthy of signature status.  The enduring legacy of Pierre L'Enfant is a city of beautiful wide streets and truly interesting intersections associated with all our diagonals.

Most real estate searches are done by price, zip code or neighborhood.  Here in the District, neighborhood searches can be challenging as boundaries are often stretched in the marketing of a property.  Also, zip code boundaries in the District are not well known by our residents.  Search DC real estate by street is a resource that you may find useful when looking for a new home or condo.  These street level searches will pull ll the active listings on a particular street in the District.  We will continue to add more DC streets to this search capability.

flickr: Andy-Beal

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