DC Pre-war Condo Buildings


In a city obsessed with new residential construction, many of our pre-war historic condo buildings are overlooked during the buying process.  This is easy to do as there is significantly more media and real estate industry hype about the latest project from DC residential developers.

The District is truly fortunate to also have a large number of wonderful residential buildings constructed in the pre-war years of the 20th century.  While there are venerable pre-war condo projects throughout the city, many of our favorites are located in the Kalorama and Adams Morgan neighborhoods.  

It is wrong to assume that an older condo building automatically means outdated floor plans, ugly appliances and tired common areas.   Many of DC's pre-war buildings and units have been meticulously restored and updated to standards and finishes rivaling luxury new construction.

Five of our favorite DC pre-war condo buildings are:

The Mendota
The Northumberland
2029 Connecticut
2101 Connecticut
The Dresden

Please comment below if you have a favorite DC pre-war condo building that deserves consideration for this top five list.

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