DC Is One of Nation’s Most Walkable Cities

DC comes in at #7 in a list of the 10 most walkable cities and neighborhoods in the U.S.  The list, put together by Walk Score, measures how walkable a city is based on access to public transportation, commute times, bike friendliness and proximity to amenities.  DC’s most walkable neighborhoods, according to Walk Score, include Dupont Circle, Logan Circle, Downtown, Chinatown, and the U Street Corridor.

DC’s transit score, graded by how well a location is served by public transportation, ranks 4th on the national ranking of major cities across the country.  DC only trails New York, San Francisco, and Boston.  In addition, DC comes in at #6 for bike friendliness---measured by whether a city is good for biking.  A bike-friendly city is defined by its bike trails, number of bike commuters, and so on.  The top 5 bike-friendly cities in the U.S. are Portland, San Francisco, Denver, Philadelphia and Boston.  DC follows at #6.

The American College of Sports Medicine’s annual American Fitness Index ranks the DC area as the #2 fittest city in the U.S.  DC residents are known for living a healthy and active lifestyle.  Walking around DC is a part of our daily routine.  Known as a walker’s paradise, most errands in DC can be accomplished on foot without a car.  Walk Score computes its scores based on measuring distance from an address to 13 amenities, including grocery store, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, dry cleaners, hardware stores, parks, and other daily necessities.  The region now has more than 40 distinct walkable neighborhoods.

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