DC Is A Very Expensive Place To Live

The most expensive place to live in America: DC.  Largely attributable to high housing costs, DC is more expensive to live in than any state last year.  Goods and services in DC are 18% higher than the national average, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce.  Goods and services measure prices for housing, groceries, utilities, transportation and health care.  Five of the 10 most expensive cities are in California; 4 are on the East Coast.

A new report compares income levels and costs of living in the 50 states and DC.  Honolulu comes in as the #1 metropolitan area with the highest cost of living last year, followed by New York-Newark-Jersey City.  The Washington-Arlington-Alexandria area comes in at #7.  After DC, Hawaii is the state with the highest cost of living last year.  The cheapest place to live? Mississippi.  The study looks at real personal income and how far a person’s salary goes.

DC’s expensive living conditions result from housing costs that top 57% over the national average, according to the Commerce data.  Real estate website Zillow confirms that DC was one of a few places that were nearly untouched by the recent housing recession.  Current DC home prices surpass $345,000, which is way above the national average of $169,800.

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