DC Condos with 4+ Bedrooms


Reader pop quiz:  Which of these items does not belong in a sentence about things that are plentiful in DC..... attorneys, memorials, Starbucks, diagonal streets, 4 bedroom condos, tourists, museums?  If you answered 4 bedroom condos you are correct!  Finding a 4 or more BR condo in the District is about as common as spotting a member of the Tea Party with an Obama bumper sticker on their Prius! 

To most Washingtonians, a requirement for four bedrooms to accommodate a growing family or dual home offices means a trek to leafy suburban communities like Reston, Rockville or Greenbelt.   Before you call Allied Van Lines and trade in your coveted urban lifestyle for weekends of yard work in the 'burbs, here is a resource to view 4+ BR DC condos.


#1 By DC at 5/26/2021 2:02 AM

Please post more condos that is elegant yet affordable. Thank you so much!

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