DC #2 City for Working Moms

working momPhoto: GSCSNJ

ForbesWoman recently ranked Washington, DC second nationally for working moms.  The criteria utilized by ForbesWomen to rank cities included crime rates, schools, healthcare, wages and cost of living.

Strong positives for DC included the lowest unemployment rate and highest wages of all the major cities in the survey.  Working moms are finding strong employment opportunities in the government, financial services and higher education sectors.  ForbesWomen also cited significant improvements in the DC School system as another positive factor.   A challenge for the DC market is the cost of living, ranking second highest nationally.

Finding a condo or home in the District can be quite a challenge, a working mom member of the DC Condo Boutique team would welcome the opportunity to assist.


#1 By Alex Cortez at 5/26/2021 2:01 AM

Great info, hopefully it translates into increased interest in the DC area. I haven't visited in a couple of years, but D.C. is just one of those incredibly diverse cities with everything to offer.

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