Clarendon Dog Park Is Popular Neighborhood Addition

james hunter park arlington va 

A new $1.6 million dog park in Clarendon has been a very popular spot for residents to bring their dogs to play.  As an amenity within James Hunter Park, residents enjoy treating their pups to a waterfall for dogs to play in, water fountains to fill up dog bowls and plenty of open lawn for informal play within this community canine area.  James Hunter Park is the 8th community dog park in Arlington.  The dog park is located at North Herndon and 13th Streets, minutes from the Clarendon Metro.

Other amenities at James Hunter Park: a plaza terrace for picnicking, demonstration gardens, solar panels providing renewable solar power to the irrigation, better drainage and an automated water management system.  More than 8,000 people live within a 10-minute walk of the park, and about 15,000 additional people work in the area.

Once a used car lot, the new combination dog and people park is open every day and closes at 9 PM. The park honors James B. Hunter III, an Arlington County Board member who is also the name behind the James B. Hunter Human Rights Awards.  As parks add tremendous value to communities, this is a welcome addition to Clarendon.  Parks provide environmental, recreational and aesthetic benefits to our residents.  The Parks staff has installed trees around the park so future growth will provide shade to both dogs and residents.

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