Biking in Arlington

Already easy to navigate via the Metro or by foot, biking is also quickly emerging as an efficient way to get around Arlington. The city offers upwards of 100 miles of bike lanes, designated bike routes and multi-use trails, making it simple for cyclists to travel the region.

Capital Bikeshare even provides bikes to share, with bikes and docking stations located in various spots around the city. Members check out a bike, and then return it when they’re done, plus there are memberships that range from 24-hours to an entire year.

If you’re looking for a place to head out after work, Arlington Triangle offers up a great place to try out two wheels. This route utilizes some of the region’s most popular trails, such as Mt. Vernon and the Washington & Old Dominion Trail. With few hills to worry about, the ride offers up some fantastic views stretching across the Potomac River to the nearby National Monuments.

The Four Mile Run Trail is fun if you enjoy taking twists and turns, though keep in mind a restoration project will close off some of the trail for about a year, with a detour in place. The project includes adding an observation platform; better trail railings and bringing up the Arlington side of the trail to current standards.

If you just want to get around town, however, a recent project just made that easier for cyclists. To compliment a repaving project, construction crews also just added in a reconfigured, protected bike lane along Wilson Boulevard through Rossyln. Arlington County officials are trying to make the area between N. Quinn and N. Oak safer for cyclists.

The first protected bike lane project in Arlington County was in Pentagon City, when a bike lane was moved closer to the curb, protected from traffic by a street parking zone. It’s something city and county leaders will likely continue to work on as more and more commuters and outdoor enthusiasts turn to bicycles to get around Arlington with ease.

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