Ballston: Urban, Walkable & Fun

ballston - arlington va

Within an easy walk of virtually everything you need, the Ballston community presents an urban environment that’s full of fun and enjoyment at every turn. This walkable, Arlington County neighborhood is close enough to the city to enjoy all the comforts that the area provides, yet removed enough to enjoy more of a small-town atmosphere.

Served by the Metro, it’s just as easy to get around Ballston by foot or bike as it is any other way, exploring all that the community has to offer its residents and visitors. The triangular-shaped area includes a variety of condos, apartment buildings and office buildings, plus some single-family homes and some retail.

It’s also home to a movie theater, comedy club, an ice hockey training center and even an experimental theater. Once a small village, there’s no doubt that Ballston has grown substantially over the years, resulting in the thriving community of today.

While you’ll still find a traditional grocery store here, you’ll also find a bustling farmer’s market and dozens upon dozens of interesting restaurants to choose from. With a true blending of the old and the new, Ballston has continued to evolve over the past several decades.

The community’s now home to a number of governmental agencies, businesses, residences and a long list of other sites and attractions. Perhaps most anticipated as of late, though, is a soon-to-be completed complex, now rising up where the old mall once stood.

Ballston Quarter is billed as an entertainment hub, filled with trendy food and entertainment options. As well, the area will also soon feature an updated movie theater and health center, plus new retail space, office space and hundreds of new residential units. On track to open sometime later this year, Ballston Quarter is one of the latest additions to the community, but likely not the last.

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