Ballston is a True Walkable Neighborhood

ballston - arlington va

Within a short stroll of area restaurants, grocery stores, entertainment options and more, Ballston presents a true walkable neighborhood in Arlington County. This desirable community allows for residents to experience the best of both worlds; situated only a few miles from DC, yet retaining somewhat of a small-town feel.

Full of everything from single-family homes and condos to apartments and high-rises, the community also offers easy access to local theaters, a comedy club, and dozens upon dozens of dining options, all within just a few blocks of each other. You’ll also find unique options in retail stores, plus the Ballston Common Mall and the Ballston Farmers Market, a weekly attraction during the warmer months of the year.

While served by public transportation, the walkable, Ballston neighborhood is easy to explore on just two feet. Once consisting of several empty lots, the ever-evolving community is also now filled with parks and trails, and plenty of options for residents to enjoy. You’ll also find a sense of old and new, as developers find ways to blend some of the neighborhood’s past with its future.

Around three decades ago, local planners saw a real need for creating a downtown area, and Ballston certainly fit the bill. Along with homes, restaurants and retailers, you’ll also find a number of large employers now in the Ballston neighborhood, such as Marymount University and the Virginia Tech Advanced Research Institute.

With appealing access for many families and a relatively young population, this true, walkable neighborhood also exudes a sense of community. Whether you choose from one of the desirable homes, with private backyards and plentiful green space, or one of the available condos, for the ease of a low-maintenance lifestyle, you are sure to enjoy all the opportunities that come with living in the true walkable neighborhood of Ballston.

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