AU Park: DC’s Tranquil Neighborhood

AU Park Real Estate - Washington DC

Named after nearby American University, American University Park is a tranquil neighborhood that feels more like the suburbs, yet exists within DC city lines. This low-key community is mostly filled with single-family homes in a variety of styles, including well-kept Colonials and cozy bungalows.

Affectionately called AU Park, the neighborhood was built-up in the 1930s, although a majority of homes have since been modified and remodeled over the years and decades. The closely spaced homes often use alleys in place of driveways, and residents don’t have to worry about large front yards.

A majority of homes, however, do offer front porches or stoops, giving neighbors a place to gather and come together as a true community. While less affordable than it used to be, this highly desirable neighborhood is extremely popular with both families and with older residents.

Homes don’t often sit on the market long in this neighborhood, where well-manicured lawns and tree-lined streets are more of the norm than the exception. Although you won’t find as many condos in the neighborhood, AU Park is home to the more contemporary Cityline at Tenley condos, known for its floor-to-ceiling windows and impressive views.

As a center of activity for the entire neighborhood, Turtle Park provides coveted green space for those of all ages to gather and play. You’ll also, of course, find nearby American University and its law school.

The only shops and restaurants of the neighborhood exist along a short stretch of Wisconsin Avenue. Residents of AU Park don’t really have to venture far, though, as nearby Friendship Heights provides plenty of upscale dining spots for locals to choose from. The homes of AU Park also sit within an easy distance of the Metro, making it simple to commute in and around the rest of the DC area with ease.

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