Amenities and Conveniences Within Easy Reach in Foggy Bottom

It may be one of the oldest neighborhoods in DC, but that’s also likely what makes it so convenient today. It’s that convenience and its wealth of amenities that helps entice people to live in Foggy Bottom.

This part of DC is widely known as the location of George Washington University, plus its also home to the John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, some government buildings, and several embassies. In addition, the neighborhood features several diverse restaurants and shops, plus you’re never too far from the green space of popular Rock Creek Park, either.

There’s also the Thompson Boat Yard with kayak and canoe rentals for getting out on the river. Other nearby amenities include the area’s vibrant nightlife, thanks to some of its bars and live music venues. For history buffs, the storied Watergate Complex still stands in Foggy Bottom.

Because Foggy Bottom borders the Potomac River, you’re likely in for some waterfront views. Close to the Department of State and the White House too, it makes it easy for area politicians and federal employees to commute back and forth to work from the neighborhood. 

Foggy Bottom has its own Metro stop, as well, however that doesn’t mean you always have to use public transportation. Many things in the neighborhood are easily just a stroll away.

Of course, along with some of its political ties, there are also several professionals, and thanks to the university, several college students that call Foggy Bottom home. As for housing, you’ll find everything from luxury condos and modern lofts to historic homes on the market. 

Many of the residences are older row homes, and some of them have a spot on the National Historic Register. It’s common to find buildings that were constructed with Mid-Century style points, as most were built in the 1950s and 1960s.

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