Mansour Abu-Rahmeh Realtor

Searching for the ideal home in the Washington Metro Area often requires abilities far beyond those of the average real estate agent. Neighborhoods change, prices fluctuate, and new construction is constantly in development. Many potential buyers feel overwhelmed and don't know where to turn. Mansour Abu-Rahmeh has the knowledge and experience to make both the buying and the selling process smooth, satisfying and stress-free.

With a background in telecommunications and sales and a Master's Degree in Marketing, Mansour manages numbers, negotiations and clients with ease. His colleagues know him to be a mild mannered, sharp, diligent team member with an international flair. His legendary patience enables him to tackle the never-ending tasks of listings, closing and contract negotiations with a fresh, sincere approach to ever one of his real estate transactions. You will also have access to many contacts Mansour can recommend in related fields to facilitate your financing, inspection and renovation needs.

His long residency in Washington D.C. has resulted in a thorough knowledge of the intricacies of the local real estate market - a market seemingly immune to the recessionary situation prevalent in markets across the United States. The Washington Metro market is as competitive as ever, and Mansour is the right partner to help you find the house that becomes your home.

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