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capital bikeshare

If you enjoy the freedom of exploring your surroundings car-free, there’s little doubt that the DC area is one of the best places to live, work and visit in the entire nation. That’s due to several reports ranking DC as high in walkability, including the most recent placing the District as fourth on the list of best car-free cities.

The ranking by Redfin is generated from a compilation of walk scores involving cities with more than 300,000 residents. According to Redfin research, DC gains the fourth spot, helped by having a high Transit Score. With several bus routes, the Metro and the growing Capital Bikeshare program bringing more bike stations to the area, Washington DC is also credited with coming in at number two in the nation when it comes to

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dc bes places to live

One of the most exciting and politically charged locations to live in the entire nation, a new report gives the DC metro area high marks too when it comes to livability. The annual “Best Places to Live” list, assembled by U.S. News & World Report, just put the DC area as number four on its list for 2017. That’s four places higher than 2016, when the greater Washington area came in at a respectable number eight.

The report looks at the top 100 largest metros in the nation, and then ranks them according to things like quality of life, affordability and job prospects. The job market was reportedly what helped DC jump ahead, with the average annual salary in DC well above the national average. While many area residents work in government jobs, the job

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alexandria top city

Praised for its impressive attractions and quality of available jobs, Alexandria recently received high marks, making the list of “America’s 50 Best Cities to Live”. The business website 24/7WallSt.com placed Alexandria as number 20 on the list, with many of the top cities marking lower unemployment than the nation as a whole, and most also offering job growth of at least equal to the national rate.

The website lists Alexandria as having a poverty rate of 9.1-percent, with a little more than 153,000 residents. While the website found a slightly lower percentage of those in Alexandria holding bachelor’s degrees than the U.S. census found, it did list a median home value of just under $542,000.

According to 24/7WallSt.com, Alexandria is simply a

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best cities wealth

Known for its sometimes pricy options in real estate it seems Washington D.C. is also a top contender for building wealth. That’s according to a new study by Bankrate, a website focused on personal finance, providing everything from consumer friendly information on mortgages and money market accounts to information about checking, credit cards and retirement.

According to the survey, D.C. comes in at number three on the list of cities behind San Francisco and Minneapolis. The District beats out other big cities like Los Angeles, Chicago and New York by several submissions, as St Louis and Detroit round out the top five.

To come up with the ranking Bankrate took into account several factors, including debt burden, homeownership benefits such as

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capital bikeshare

While it may be convenient to simply walk or hop on the Metro, there’s another way to get around DC that’s gaining ground and enthusiasm. The District was just named one of the nation’s most bike-friendly cities, coming in at number nine in a ranking by Bicycling Magazine.

The DC area gets high marks for the inaugural DC Bike Ride back in May when more than 7,500 cyclists took to car-free streets, riding through parts of DC and Arlington. The event raised nearly $40,000 for Vision Zero, an ambitious plan to rid the city of traffic fatalities, and for the Washington Area Cyclist Association. It’s hoped that next year the event will grow to include up to 12,000 riders.

The ranking also points out Capital Bikeshare, a six-year old program which

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arlington va sign

A great community to live, work and play, Arlington now holds the distinct honor of being named the hardest working and one of the healthiest cities in the nation, as well. The praise comes from two different websites, each of which looked at a variety of data before declaring Arlington a top contender.

The first ranking comes from SmartAsset, a financial website that strives to give people information they can use about everything from retirement to credit cards and home buying financial tips. According to recent analysis the website lists Arlington as number one when it comes to “Hardest-Working Cities in America”.

In all, SmartAsset looked at more than 100 cities across the nation, then used labor market data to quantify average hours that

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arlington va

Millennials in search of an exciting new place to call home are finding it in Arlington. The city recently snapped up the number two spot on the list of “2016 Best Cities for Millennials in America” by Niche.com.

In this latest ranking Arlington is favored for its job opportunities, entertainment options in restaurants and bars and for the number of millennials who already call the city home. While the top spot on the list went to Cambridge, nearby Alexandria came in at number three and Washington DC took the number nine spot on the list of the top ten.

It’s not the first time Niche.com has declared Arlington a top city. Recently, too, the area was honored as the “Best City to Live in America”, noted for its diversity, outdoor activities,

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most walkable urban metros 2016

If you ask anyone to quantify what makes a great metro area you’ll probably hear all about housing, employment opportunity and the ability to get around the area with ease. It turns out a metro area’s walkability can have a real positive impact on a community, and in the Washington DC area residents are benefiting.

According to a recent report out of the George Washington University School of Business, the Washington region takes the number two spot, behind New York, in ranking walkability. The report starts with the nation’s 30 largest metros and their walk scores, plus a large amount of retail and/or office space. Then the study goes a step further by looking at the number of adults in the area with college degrees, social equity and economic

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best cities to retire 2016

Already ranked the very best city in America to live based on things like education, real estate and nightlife plus one of the best suburbs in the entire nation, it now turns out Arlington is a pretty great place to age gracefully, too. A recent ranking by Bankrate puts Arlington in the number one spot when it comes to the best cities to retire. That’s significant because according to a separate Bankrate poll about half of people ages 50 to 64 would at least consider moving to another city or state when they retire.

The city gets high marks for its low taxes and crime rates, plus its health care, culture and walkability. While unfortunately Arlington only gets an “okay” for weather and a “very high” for cost of living, neither of the two categories

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arlington va sign

There’s no doubt that Arlington is a fantastic place to live and now the city has some extra support in making the claim. The Niche website, which compiles information on schools and neighborhoods and then assembles the information to help people make decisions on where to live, recently awarded Arlington the top spot for 2016 Best Cities to Live in America.

The city beat out 226 other cities, jurisdictions and counties based on its schools, crime rates and area amenities, receiving an overall grade of an A+. Breaking it down into categories important to prospective homebuyers, Arlington received an A+ for its public schools and education, nightlife and health and fitness plus an A for its short commute plus family amenities and outdoor activities.

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