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Filled with an array of places to go and things to see, it appears DC also easily comes in near the top of the list when it comes to walkability. The District just ranked as the second most walkable city in the nation, when compared to dozens of the most walkable metros in the entire United States, behind only New York City.

The ranking comes from a study out of the George Washington University School of Business, comparing and contrasting 30 of the nation’s most walkable metro areas, where it’s suggested that nearly half of all Americans live. The study specifically looked at what it calls “WalkUPs”, or rather an area’s percentage of rental apartments, retail and office space that a person can walk to and that will meet most of their needs.

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At one time lured to the city by the promise of high paying jobs, it seems the once shiny appeal of living in Washington, DC is beginning to somewhat tarnish for millennials. According to several published reports, the young workers who flocked to the city following the recession, transforming many DC neighborhoods along the way, are now simply moving on.

While some are leaving for new employment, thanks to a stronger economy and the appeal of a lower cost of living, others point to the rising allure of the suburbs, with a slower pace of life replacing the desire of living close to vibrant entertainment and nightlife. Some project the trend could significantly change the area in the future.

Cities have grown to depend on

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Some of the region’s highest earners may be lured by the sites and attractions of the big city, but it seems the suburbs hold the greatest appeal when it comes to settling down. That’s apparent from recent Census data, suggesting that a majority of those taking in the nation’s highest wages also choose to make the drive out to the suburbs.

When it comes to the DC area, Fairfax County ranks extremely high, with the country’s second highest wage earners residing in this area. The wealthy, suburban community ranks just behind New York County, or in other words, Manhattan, where about 49-percent of all full-time workers earn upwards of $75,000 per year.

Ironically, while Fairfax has a smaller population than Manhattan, which leads to its second place

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55+ active adults

There’s no doubt that DC is a great place for young professionals and families, but now the area is also getting the recognition it deserves as a great place to retire. The District was just named a top 10 retirement market by US News & World Report.

The ranking takes into account the nation’s largest metro areas, and then ranks them by how well they meet the needs of retirees. Categories include things like quality of healthcare, tax rates, affordability in housing and happiness among local residents. In particular, healthcare is boosted by the DC area’s access to many highly ranked hospitals and medical centers, in addition to top medical research that’s routinely performed in the area.

For this particular ranking, Washington DC gained the

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If you think DC is a popular place to live, work and play now, it seems you’re in good company! Recent reports suggest the DC area is so popular it’s already in line for a population jump of about one million people. That’s according to projections by several individuals and studies.

According to a study published last spring by the DC Office of Planning and analysis by American City Business Journals, the area’s population is definitely on the rise. The latter reports that the metro’s population will grow to 6.55 million by 2020, a jump of 7.4-percent, and a total of 16-percent over the next decade, meaning more than 955,000 additional residents.

In all, those figures translate to more than 7-million people living in the DC

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Long thought to be swayed by the convenience and vibrancy of living in an urban environment, new studies suggest that millennials are now eying the suburbs, perhaps in record numbers. It’s no secret that the generation of young adults born between the early 1980s to around the year 2000 are influenced by the allure of available nightlife and entertainment, but some suggest the walk-able, urban communities are also, at least partially, being challenged by the allure of a more suburban environment.

Mostly geared towards families, life in the suburbs often affords a more quiet setting with more space and close proximity to desirable schools. That’s significant because the large population of millennials is sure to make a big impact by

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There’s no doubt location is key when it comes to buying a new home or condo, but it turns out you there may be one particular place that’s boosting your neighborhood. According to several published reports and surveys, your local grocery store has a lot to do with boosting real estate, and those lucky enough to live in close proximity to a Whole Foods are reaping the benefits.

That’s because living near one of the high-end grocers is like real estate gold, many say bringing a higher return on investment to owners and investors. It’s no secret that many buyers want to be close to their favorite retailers, and with good reason.

If you want proof, look no further than the Whole Foods that opened up in 2000 on P Street NW, between Logan Circle and

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arlington virginia

For the second year in a row Arlington County receives top nods when it comes to the nation’s top digital counties. The Center for Digital Government and the National Association of Counties generates the awards, basing their rankings on the use of technology in things such as cyber security, citizen engagement, transparency, operations and open government.

Arlington County received the top spot for 2017 for counties with populations of between 150,000 to 249,999 residents. County leaders recently picked up the award during a national conference.

In the latest ranking, the county was recognized for its open government, using technology to make more transparent and accessible government transactions, decision-making and planning. Arlington County

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There’s no doubt that politics shape the DC area, but now it turns out some of DC’s suburbs dominate the nation when it comes to America’s wealthiest counties. In fact, half of the richest counties in the US are within about an hour of the capital.

According to Forbes, which based its findings off Census Bureau income data from 2015, the top four ’10 Richest Counties in America’ are all in the DC region. At the very top is Loudoun County, followed by Falls Church, Fairfax and Howard.

About 25 miles to the west of DC, Loudon County, Virginia boasts a median household income of nearly $126,000, the highest of any other county in the nation. The county supports a number of data centers and tech companies, with other top employers including the

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DC’s dominance in the political arena is giving rise to what some may see as a seemingly unrelated field. According to a new ranking of the nation’s top tech cities, Washington DC comes in an admirable number three.

The emergence of DC on the list of the top 25 cities may at first seem somewhat out of place, especially considering that the top two are the Silicon Valley area and San Francisco. Upon closer examination, though, it becomes evident that tech workers and entrepreneurs are being lured to DC by the area’s governmental and life sciences dominance, as workers seek out close proximity to some of the nation’s most prominent policymakers.

The global real estate services firm Cushman & Wakefield came up with the ranking, analyzing cities

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